TOPMAN Spring 2011: Field Daze

A LITTLE HISTORY: When i was a little younger (12-14 years old), i was about 230 something lbs (more or less). My only concern was to at least have something that would fit me right, even less on what would look good on me. To tell you honestly, it was really frustrating back then (maybe that explains why NOW im this obssessed with fashion and clothes)

I was a definite Fashion Victim, in all sense of the word. That fateful moment when i looked in the mirror and said to myself - ill loose weight and will have so many options of clothes that one closet wouldn't be enough.

I look back now and could say that i wish i omitted the last one! lol

YEAR 2005 - The first ever shirt i bought myself (when i lost a considerable amount of weight) was a shirt from TOPMAN (I even regret not buying the I BET YOU LOOK GOOD ON THE DANCEFLOOR (im a big fan of the Arctic Monkeys)) Shirt. Thats why this brand will forever be in my heart and budget.

Thankfully RSSI gave me the Spring Summer 2011 Lookbook of TOPMAN! so theres more reason to shop right?

Here is one of the Spring 2011 trends that we'll be seeing here in TOPMAN. Field Daze.

The Royal Tenenbaums meets Kurt Cobain. 70's meets 90's. Relaxed New York dapper with a whole lot of Grunge. Lest we forget the contemporary sartorial downtown indie New York attitude of the looks. Bet? i love it.

cant wait! (btw that model has freakishly beautiful blue eyes ya? je ládore)



  1. All of these are to die for, but I can't find it anywhere? Do you know if they are coming in stores/online some time soon? Must have the blue tshirt and the blue cardigan... :)

  2. When will these looks be available in stores/online? Do you know?:)

  3. Ditto! I guess everything will be in the stores anytime soon. Ive seen some of the pieces being sold already in the stores... or they just look like something from last season. We'll just have to wait and see :)


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