Things I Need To Have # 2

There is nothing better than to have the opportunity to delve into the mind of one of the most enigmatic designers of the 20th century.

Yohji Yamamoto, the japanese avant garde designer; famous for his own line and his collaboration with Adidas (Y3), will have his first official biography released this year titled


The book is co-written by Al Mitsuda who also worked on his previous publications 'Talking to Myself' and 'Ys - Yohji Yamamoto'.

Im definitely buying this book.

The book does not offer a full chronology of his life and times but a personal retrospective with flashbacks, ditties, poems, and short fiction showcasing his design and creative process. Discussions on technique, fabric and silhouette and the like, and even the quest for the perfect placement of a garments button is recorded.

This book then is a must read. This serves as a reminder that geniuses like him (and Rei Kawakubo) still exists.

''Here are some thoughts on vision. There is not much to the act of developing a project. The important part of a creative endevour begins with the act of concentrated seeing, focused looking. Creativity will not flow from intellectual manipulations.'' - Yohji Yamamoto

Photos and details from WALLPAPER and SELECTICISM


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