A good way to start 2011, is to cover your planners.

After seeing that burn book on MEAN GIRLS, i knew i had to make my own.

It had been my tradition to always make covers for my planner. I started making it in college and i think im going to continue until i have no use for a planner anymore (i doubt it)

I just finished making my 2011 Planner today. I took inspiration from the Spring 2011 Trends (Punk and Color Blocking) in making the moodboards.

Heres the front cover

and the back cover

i even pasted an homage to Andy Warhol on the first page of the dreary planner.

Thank you Vogue, Elle, Preview and Mega for the images. They served me well. lol

so guys what do you think? have i made the right covers?

...at least now my planner is not so dreary anymore. 2011 i love you already.


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