Baby Good Night

GDragon update!!!

DONT GO HOME, my favorite song from the GD&TOP Volume 1 Album has been selected as follow-up promotion track together with BABY GOOD NIGHT.

it was revealed yesterday on Star News that GDragon took the lead role for the 'DONT GO HOME' and TOP for 'BABY GOOD NIGHT'

The two music videos is directed by Lee Kibaek and will feature connecting story lines with romantic proposals. (OMG)

From the looks of it, i could see 50's NEW YORK street gang rebel inspired Jets vs Sharks (West Side Story) echos here and there. From the Red Leather Jacket to the Faded Denim Jeans, it looks like GDragon is playing as Tony! i love it!

I especially loved Natalie Wood, who played the role of Maria in the 1961 film adaption of the musical.

I cant wait for the 2 Music Videos to be released!

Thank You ALLKPOP and BIGBANG UPDATES for the update.


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