Things I Need To Have # 6: HELMUT NEWTON's Polaroid Collection

If you are in the industry (Fashion industry that is) you definitely must know Helmut Newton. If not, then its not yet late to research such a legendary photographer. The German-Australian photographer, best known for his photography style particularly veering towards the sado-masochistic and fetishistic or is almost always charged with erotical subtexts, has had the habit of taking polaroid tests of his legendary photoshoots for Vogue, Playboy, Theirry Mugler and Yves Saint Laurent.
Now these said polaroids costs a fortune and thanks to Taschen (everyone's bestfriend for fashion references... i consider Taschen one of my bestfriends as it is cheaper than other reference books) for compiling a book with Helmut Newton's selected greatest photoshoots to be released this JUNE 2011 (with the help of June Newton, Helmut Newton's widow)

According to Polaroid:

"Legend has said that on Newton shoots, if anyone were to ask for one of his Polaroids as a keepsake, (whether you were model, stylist, hair dresser or Paris Vogue editor) he’d ask for cash. Helmut Newton Polaroids have gone for as much as 50K."

Here are some of the photos inside!

I dont know about you but i'm definitely buying this book. Here's the website of TASCHEN for more information on the book.



PLAINS & PRINTS Summer 2011

I love it! I finally saw the images Jessica shot for Plains & Prints. I bummed into her after her shoot with hair curled and all made up a month or so ago (if im not mistaken, it might have been awhile LOL). Its so great to see local brands using Fashion Models! May the Philippines learn that Fashion is not just about Celebrities! No pun intended.

This is a Marc Nicdao x Vince Uy collaboration.

The pieces look perfect for summer especially in the Philippines. It has that Resort feel i felt when i saw the Louis Vuitton Resort 2011 collection. I especially love the pink with the yellow and the yellow and tan. I love the dress. Cant wait to see the rest of the collection.

Here are the photos i got from Chuvaness.com!

Info and photo credits from CHUVANESS

To learn more about the brand check out their website here PLAINS & PRINTS



SAVAGE BEAUTY by Steven Meisel

The COSTUME INSTITUTE will pay tribute to the late Alexander Mcqueen this coming May 4 to July 31 entitled SAVAGE BEAUTY at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The exhibition will feature his outstanding designs from his Central Saint Martins postgraduate collection in 1992 until his final runway presentation which took place after his death last February 2010.

The exhibit will feature 100 amazing pieces from the 19 year span of his career. The 100 piece exhibition will also feature his designs from the Givenchy archives and some of his greatest hits like the bumster trouser, kimino jacket, origami coats, digital prints and more!

Here are the photo tribute of American VOGUE May 2011 issue and a preview of the SAVAGE BEAUTY exhibit. Photographed by Steven Meisel and Styled by Grace Coddington with Top Models Karen, Coco, Caroline, Karlie, Stella and more!

photo credits from MODELS.com



OS Accessories Volume 1

If your looking for Philippine craftmanship at its finest then theres no need to look further than OS Accessories. A brainchild of artists AJ Omandac, Paul Jaytana and Kat Medina. A trip to Baguio inspired them to create pieces of accessories made from solified high quality polyurethane (molded, formed and hand prepared) to appear bone-like (perfect reference to bone anatomy if you're familiar). OS (which is latin for Bone) gives this fledgling accessory brand a great base and room to push for the limitless possibilities that their is in BONE.

But dont fret buyers (who are not as audacious as other fashionphiles... yet), they havent ventured into replicating Human Bones (which i hope is in their future plans) I would love to have some Hand-Wrist-Arm Bone Lamps and Foot-Ankle-Leg Chairs (thats an idea right) LOL

The 14 piece accessory collection features bones from various animals. Mixing it with industrial touches of bolts, nuts and silvers make the pieces look wearable and definitely contemporary. I especially love the Cartilage piece. Cant wait for my own OS! im definitely wearing them in the upcoming Philippine Fashion Week this May 2011.

Here are some of the pieces from the amazing Volume 1

Photo Credits:
Photographed by Rxandy Capinpin
Styling by Ryuji Shiomitsu
Grooming by Archibald Tolentino
Models: Kate Bautista and Shereef Villanueva
Fashion: Marc Blanco, Jaz Cerezo and Gian Romano

to check out the whole collection visit their website here OS Accessories




GDragon loves Super Style, Bean Pole!

I love GDragon as a person.... and his personal style.

He comes from a world of limitless possibilities. A definite advocate for Unisex clothing (as he wears a lot of Womenswear RTW pieces from the recent collections of top designers) and a wonderful mix and match-er. I just love him. Period.

Aside from his GMarket Clothing campaign he also promotes Bean Pole! He's so cute here!

I love the relaxed preppy pieces with a little hints of color blocking, crisp whites and plaid which are trends for menswear for SS2011. Love him no matter what he wears.

One of my biggest wishes is to go to SHOPPING with GD. Id do anything to go shopping with him. I want to dress him up and be his stylist. (As if he needs one. I also heard that he styles BIGBANG or conceptualizes their looks. Love him more for that.)

...as they say wishful thinking is free.

For more check out the website



Manila Bulletin: Post Processing Mod

Photographed by Rxandy Capinpin
Styling by Ryuji Shiomitsu
Make Up by Lanie Acedillo
Hair by Jay Wee
Model: Marianne Mackintosh
Fashion: Erica Panlilio, Herbert Custodio, Lindsay Sese, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Mango, Faith and Fashion





BIGBANG is releasing a deluxe edition of their 4th Mini Album scheduled to be released on April 8, 2011!

YG announced that BIGBANG will have their world tour starting June 2011! OMG that would be a great birthday gift! wait for it!

BIGBANG Philippine Concert Schedule is JUNE 17,2011!!!!

Imma Die!!!!

“Hello. This is YG Entertainment.

Big Bang, who has just released their 4th mini album, will be releasing a 4.5 mini album that will include some new songs.

Big Bang’s 4th mini album did very well locally and have been on top of music charts since its release. The album also ranked #3 on Billboard’s World Album Chart, showing how they are also very popular outside Korea.

With this, we are pleased to announce that Big Bang will be having their world tour starting June.

Big Bang will be holding concerts from June to October in Asia, America, Australia and Africa. The concerts in Asia will be in June and July and the rest will start in August. Their schedule this June is as follows:

June 3 and 4 – Thailand
June 10 – Malaysia
June 11 – Singapore
June 17 – Philippines
June 19 – Indonesia
June 24 – Vietnam
June 26 – Taiwan
June 30 – Hong Kong

Their schedules for July to October will be announced next month.

Thanks for your support!”

Source: YG LIFE

Here are the promotional photos for BIGBANG's 4.5 Special Album.

Simple and handsome is the way to go.

I love GDragon forever! I love his hair! I cant wait for 4.5!

Photos and Info from KOREA.com

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