GDragon loves Super Style, Bean Pole!

I love GDragon as a person.... and his personal style.

He comes from a world of limitless possibilities. A definite advocate for Unisex clothing (as he wears a lot of Womenswear RTW pieces from the recent collections of top designers) and a wonderful mix and match-er. I just love him. Period.

Aside from his GMarket Clothing campaign he also promotes Bean Pole! He's so cute here!

I love the relaxed preppy pieces with a little hints of color blocking, crisp whites and plaid which are trends for menswear for SS2011. Love him no matter what he wears.

One of my biggest wishes is to go to SHOPPING with GD. Id do anything to go shopping with him. I want to dress him up and be his stylist. (As if he needs one. I also heard that he styles BIGBANG or conceptualizes their looks. Love him more for that.)

...as they say wishful thinking is free.

For more check out the website


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