Fashion Blog # 7 : MTV House of Style

Remember the MTV show during the 90s House of Style? Back then it was hosted by Cindy Crawford if im not mistaken. To my friends astonishment he discovered that it is being revived.

Are we seeing the next ascend of models to Supermodels? I hope that Supermodels come back!!! we need Supermodels!!! I had enough of Hollywood actresses on the cover of Vogue. Can they at least give the models a break? can they just stay in making movies and looking good while doing it! They have enough publicity to last them a lifetime. They shouldnt be allowed to take campaigns, cosmetic contracts, catalogues, product endorsement commercials etc from models! haha

Enough of my rant lol The show is currently being hosted by Bar Rafaeli and co-hosted by Chanel Iman

The show has currently 4 webpisodes

Show Summary

The next crop of fashionistas are on the rise, their muse playing now on a concert stage, tv screen, laptop or theater near you and this spring, MTV is partnering with Teen Vogue to bring them ALL together to celebrate fashion with a groundbreaking new spin on a vintage classic with House Of Style.
From the streets to the runway, fashion is the way you live, who you are and what you want the world to think about you. Now more than ever, a generation of young Americans are expressing themselves and their ideas through their clothes. MTV and host, Bar Refaeli are taking viewers into the inner sanctum of the fashion world as she, along with correspondent, Chanel Iman, bring you the top must-have items of the moment, along with celebrity fashion stories, designer DIYs, beauty tips, style secrets, cyber trends and more!

Drama, beauty, music & madness, this is... MTV's House of Style.

Watch it! Check out the episode where Jessica Stam showed her closet! i love her to bits! She's so Gorgeous! :)

dont you just love her? every minute of her? lol
Anyway here is the link of the show and the MTV website for that matter :)



Fashion Blog # 6: We call 'em IT Boys

I cant really stop looking at the Vogue Homme Vol 2 S/S 2009 Issue i got a month ago. Aside from the wonderful photoeditorial by Hedi Slimane and wonderful trends and styling options what can i say, if you present anyone (especially a fashion whore like me) a photospread of not just goodlooking models but of Greatly Blessed by the Almighty- Gorgeous- Unbelievably fine- MALE models (well some of them) i dont know if you yourself can put down the magazine.

Is it just me or the male models are getting thinner and thinner? I wrote last year in my blog about Cole Mohr about the Waif-likeness of models. We can clearly see that male models in the capitals started looking like tall boys and for heavens sakes weighs like little kids! But who cares right, they look good no? lol

My point is, id like you to meet Robbie Wadge (lalalalove)

My new favorite male model.

He is 185cm / 6′1″ and has light brown hair with Blue/Green eyes :)

He is from London and is 18 years old.

His agencies are VNY Model Management (New York), Nathalie Models (Paris) and d1 Model Management (London)

His starting polaroids are this good? i wonder how he'd fair in a full editorial shoot?! damnnn!

FYI he did editorials in Dazed & Confused, i-D, Mixte and features in Nippon Vogue.

Spot Robbie Wadge above :)

He is definitely the ONE of the many that stand outs.

Here are some of my Male Model picks:

1. Neils Butler

in Trussardi F/W 2008
2. Guy Robinson

in Iceberg F/W 2008

3. Alex Gilbert

in Valextra F/W 2008

4. Geoffroy Jonckheere

in Yves Saint Laurent S/S 2009

5. Laurent Albucher

in Gap F/W 2008

6. Ollie Edwards

in Benetton S/S 2009

and lastly

7. Mathias Lauridsen

in Givenchy S/S 2008

Do check out the other models. As a guide click on the show packages of the different modeling agencies in the capitals then you'll see the wide array of fantastic models.

Take time in checking out the individual show packages per model as you might like it as much as i did. The website shows Men and Women, so you guys out there check out the walking mannequins of the world.

credits to www.models.com for the photos.

to learn more about fashion and models visit the website :)

This is also a great source for photo editorials and the portfolios of models.note: Check out the rankings they made like Top 20 Icons, Top 50 Models etc. Youd be amazed on how much work they get per season.

Fashion Blog # 5: Momsen Hits Bigtime

Taylor Momsen

She started as a young D-list actress in Hollywood with practical good looks and talent. But with the impact of Gossip Girl, which is said to be tantamount to the impact of Sex and City (ofcourse their demography are very different), what will it do to her career if Leighton and Blake leaves Gossip Girl? the whole show on her own.. will we watch? i would definitely watch it! lol :)

She skyrocketed to fame as the sometime trashy-sometime grudge chic Jenny Humphrey. It seems the shows stylist got to her and influenced her own personal style.She looks gorgeous (obviously) and i kinda like her.

She has a certain charm like the Olsen Twins when it comes to what they wear (sometimes a HIT and sometimes a MISS but always interesting) .Why am i talking about Taylor Momsen you ask, it is because she did this amazing photospread for Nylon Magazine May 2009 Issue.

The spread highlighted the key trends this season :) Enjoy!

Statement necklaces cant seem to go away do they? :) i still love it thou.

i especially love the leatherjacket! i swear if i can wear leather in our WONDERFUL climate ill wear it everyday.

dont you just love the shoes?

Britney's Circus inspired? i do love the pants, they remind me of Moschino's RTW Spring 2009 collection.

love love love

Fashion Blog # 4: Faithful

Is fashion finally tapping into a more ecclesiastical tinge? Have you ever gone to a monastery or to church and wonder how awfully uncomfortable the monks and the priest feel in their flammable wardrobe? Need not to worry as it is part of their mission not yours. Your only mission my dear friends is to look good and feel good (ofcourse read this then youll be! lol)

2 seasons ago Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy conceptualized one of my favorite looks and one of the best look for Fall 2008: The Loose Frothy White/OffWhite Shirt + Bomber Jacket + Liquid Leggings + Slick Black Patent Hyper Wedge Boots

According to him, he was inspired during his travels in South America, he discovered a romantic sensuality and elegance in the place that he identified with as a Catholic. Catholicism with a good mix of kind of a dark, romantic, faintly goth aesthetic made Riccardo Tisci a breakout star for Fall 2008.

Here are some of his best (Fall 2008)

Get inspired and try to emulate some 'mercy' into your lives by looking into the new Fall 2009 runways :)
From Rosary Beads to 'Nun' inspired headgears, to Cassock Coats to Drapped Hoods, to Wimples to Monks many designers made use of every inspiration they could find. It seemed that they scoured the Vatican Archives to pull off this seasons reoccuring trend. This season it got even more inspired and dazed.

Starting from Alexander Mcqueen's spectacular-of-a-show

to Fendi's barbarism-futurism movement

designers made use of nuns of conservative religious legendary ancient convents as inspiration.
The models at Todd Lynn’s show carried rosary beads and walked to chants

there were cassock coats at Giambattista Valli and Gareth Pugh;

and the headgears at Marc Jacobs, John Galliano

as with Alexander McQueen and Fendi (as shown above) recalled medieval nuns.

A photo of Grace Jones in a draped hood by Azzedine Alaïa
influenced the severe geometry of Bruno Pieters’ collection also in Jean Paul Gultier and Rue du Mail

According to the article Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana will play priests in the upcoming musical film Nine :) so it all goes together? not... lol

So how to we wear this wonderful concept? isdk in this kind of weather in he Philippines i wonder whos brave enough to get a heat stoke because of over layering! :) lets just pray haha
“So do you say hallelujah or good riddance and amen to the trend?"

PS: To my ultimately conservative friends le'st not take offense to the inspiration. Give it a break. Its just fashion.. duhh as if..lol

i love it :)

Credit to Laird Borrelli-Persson of style.com for the inspiring report and Marcio Madeira for the Photos.

Visit http://www.style.com/ to learn more about fashion

Fashion Blog # 3: POP! Put that Gold and Leather On!

Guess who's this new wave fashion icon?!

ofcourse its Nicole Richie!She looks good! i love it!She did this photo spread for the latest April 2009 issue for BlackBook Magazine.

The shoot was dedicated to the American designer and artist, Stephen Sprouse. Sprouse was known for pioneering the 1980’s mix of “uptown sophistication in clothing with a downtown punk and pop sensibility.”

As you can see, the shoot made use of amazing jewelry that pop out! They go as bold as they should be. Nicole Richie released her much anticipated Fashion Line, she started with an accesory line last 2008 named House of Harlow 1960. If you have time to check it out, youll see amazing rings, bangles, hippie bands and earrings. You girls would love her jewelry line. I wish she releases her Sunglasses Line! :)
Here are some of the jewelry in her collection:

The photos are from
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