Fashion Blog # 7 : MTV House of Style

Remember the MTV show during the 90s House of Style? Back then it was hosted by Cindy Crawford if im not mistaken. To my friends astonishment he discovered that it is being revived.

Are we seeing the next ascend of models to Supermodels? I hope that Supermodels come back!!! we need Supermodels!!! I had enough of Hollywood actresses on the cover of Vogue. Can they at least give the models a break? can they just stay in making movies and looking good while doing it! They have enough publicity to last them a lifetime. They shouldnt be allowed to take campaigns, cosmetic contracts, catalogues, product endorsement commercials etc from models! haha

Enough of my rant lol The show is currently being hosted by Bar Rafaeli and co-hosted by Chanel Iman

The show has currently 4 webpisodes

Show Summary

The next crop of fashionistas are on the rise, their muse playing now on a concert stage, tv screen, laptop or theater near you and this spring, MTV is partnering with Teen Vogue to bring them ALL together to celebrate fashion with a groundbreaking new spin on a vintage classic with House Of Style.
From the streets to the runway, fashion is the way you live, who you are and what you want the world to think about you. Now more than ever, a generation of young Americans are expressing themselves and their ideas through their clothes. MTV and host, Bar Refaeli are taking viewers into the inner sanctum of the fashion world as she, along with correspondent, Chanel Iman, bring you the top must-have items of the moment, along with celebrity fashion stories, designer DIYs, beauty tips, style secrets, cyber trends and more!

Drama, beauty, music & madness, this is... MTV's House of Style.

Watch it! Check out the episode where Jessica Stam showed her closet! i love her to bits! She's so Gorgeous! :)

dont you just love her? every minute of her? lol
Anyway here is the link of the show and the MTV website for that matter :)


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