The Fashionisto - May 2010 Feature

My photographer friend Eric Alessi (who is also a model. as proof check this out)


Ok back to what i was saying. He wanted to do some test shoots. So we planned to do a guerilla shoot in Intramuros with model Leonardo Santiago (who is amazing! i died when i saw him! proof as seen on the photoset below) We didnt get permits and we acted as if it was for a school project for a photography class. I just played with the styling. Freestyling. At the end it did look referential to heroic soldiers on call meets early 80s bahnhof chic.

Here are some of the photos that got blogged by The Fashionisto.

for more check Eric's website.

Photographed by Eric Alessi (www.ericalessi.com)
Styling by Ryuji Shiomitsu (www.ryujishiomitsu.com)
Model: Leonardo Santiago

as featured on The Fashionisto (www.thefashionisto.com)

here is the link



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