Fashion Blog # 5: Momsen Hits Bigtime

Taylor Momsen

She started as a young D-list actress in Hollywood with practical good looks and talent. But with the impact of Gossip Girl, which is said to be tantamount to the impact of Sex and City (ofcourse their demography are very different), what will it do to her career if Leighton and Blake leaves Gossip Girl? the whole show on her own.. will we watch? i would definitely watch it! lol :)

She skyrocketed to fame as the sometime trashy-sometime grudge chic Jenny Humphrey. It seems the shows stylist got to her and influenced her own personal style.She looks gorgeous (obviously) and i kinda like her.

She has a certain charm like the Olsen Twins when it comes to what they wear (sometimes a HIT and sometimes a MISS but always interesting) .Why am i talking about Taylor Momsen you ask, it is because she did this amazing photospread for Nylon Magazine May 2009 Issue.

The spread highlighted the key trends this season :) Enjoy!

Statement necklaces cant seem to go away do they? :) i still love it thou.

i especially love the leatherjacket! i swear if i can wear leather in our WONDERFUL climate ill wear it everyday.

dont you just love the shoes?

Britney's Circus inspired? i do love the pants, they remind me of Moschino's RTW Spring 2009 collection.

love love love

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