Things I Need To Have # 6: HELMUT NEWTON's Polaroid Collection

If you are in the industry (Fashion industry that is) you definitely must know Helmut Newton. If not, then its not yet late to research such a legendary photographer. The German-Australian photographer, best known for his photography style particularly veering towards the sado-masochistic and fetishistic or is almost always charged with erotical subtexts, has had the habit of taking polaroid tests of his legendary photoshoots for Vogue, Playboy, Theirry Mugler and Yves Saint Laurent.
Now these said polaroids costs a fortune and thanks to Taschen (everyone's bestfriend for fashion references... i consider Taschen one of my bestfriends as it is cheaper than other reference books) for compiling a book with Helmut Newton's selected greatest photoshoots to be released this JUNE 2011 (with the help of June Newton, Helmut Newton's widow)

According to Polaroid:

"Legend has said that on Newton shoots, if anyone were to ask for one of his Polaroids as a keepsake, (whether you were model, stylist, hair dresser or Paris Vogue editor) he’d ask for cash. Helmut Newton Polaroids have gone for as much as 50K."

Here are some of the photos inside!

I dont know about you but i'm definitely buying this book. Here's the website of TASCHEN for more information on the book.


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