Things I Need To Have # 3 - DM Love

Ok! this is Fabgelous' (Gelo Arucan) fault. He posted the Doc Martens website over his Twitter. I cant help but browse thru some amazing shoes! imma die!

Here are some of the things i need to have

1460 Black + Silver Armor Lamper $130

1460 Cherry Red $115

1460 Lime Q Dot $120

PASCAL Black White - Soft T + Dot Flock $130

Id love it in Pink too!

PASCAL Candy Pink Black - Soft T + Dot Flock $130

Like in the words of a true shopping addict, we just cant help it but to share the suffering. right Fabgelous? lol

check out the website DOC MARTENS



  1. that's how it is! :)

    we have the same picks except for cherry red and black+silver armor! :D

  2. i know! i always loved anything Cherry Red thats why! will definitely find that Lime Q Dot and Pink Polkadots. cute-ness! :)


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