Shopping Trip # 1: Happy Socks will make you Happy

I couldnt help it.

I did promise not to shop until February... but I did survive 12 days without buying anything.

When i usually shop, I try to buy a whole outfit... or thats just what im telling myself that im doing. I was supposed to source outfits earlier in Greenbelt 5 for an upcoming shoot for a magazine, but i ended up sourcing outfits for myself as well.

So here are the stuff i bought.

Cropped Funnel Neck Cropped Camel Jacket. ZARA

Drop Crotch Drawstring Khaki Pants. JASPAL

Black Tank Top in Rayon with Patent Leather Triangles. Nixon Marquez @ MYTH

Beige/Purple Bow Tie. AC+632

2 Happy Socks (uhm I saw T.O.P. wearing Happy Socks, and i just had to buy Happy Socks... i had that MEAN GIRLS moment earlier in ADORA lol)

T.O.P and I even have the same Red/Blue/White VANS Topsiders. (im loving T.O.P. more and more... but GDragon will always be in my heart)

When you have new clothes, doesnt it make you want to have something to do/somewhere to go/schedule something just to go out? Clothes have that kind of effect on people does it? But at the end of the day

"clothes are just clothes, they will always be clothes" (quote and quote Marc Jacobs during his SS2011 70s extravaganza show).

Their only role is to cover you up and make you feel good.

But heck! im just happy to have HAPPY SOCKS! lol


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