Surface ASIA Magazine Issue # 1

SURFACE Magazine almost always sparks interest in its ability to showcase, collaborate, and create platforms for undiscovered designers to display their innovative design ideas at a wider audience. I think SURFACE (just like WALLPAPER and LOVE Magazine both of which i adore) is one of the best cultural barometers of DESIGN/STYLE/ART in all its shape, size and form.

Case in point is their new issue. The Avant Guardian issue.

So the good news is that SURFACE has a new brother/sister

it aims ''to be the definitive magazine for all categories of design across Asia-Pacific, bringing you the latest news and insights on the design industries of the region six times a year.''

The magazines objective is to be the platform for DESIGNERS, specifically in ASIA, leading the trends and reshaping the creative landscape, and establish a forum in which regional designers can exchange ideas, gain inspiration and collaborate on projects.

Im so happy to be part of the pioneer issue of SURFACE ASIA! We did the shoot for Puey Quinones for his feature in the magazine. The feature was written by Jae Pickrell (who was introduced to me in Fashion Week by Mark Buenaobra, who incidentally shot the feature of Kermit Tesoro inside). Together with Puey - Gian Romano, Ivarlurski Aseron, EAIRTH's Melissa Dizon and Kermit Tesoro was also featured inside as MANILA's TOP 5 Cutting Edge Designers.

Here are some some of the photos from the shoot.

Words by Jae Pickrell
Photographed by Filbert Kung and Glenn Peter Perez @ BLACKFOX
Styling by Me (Ryuji Shiomitsu)
Hair and Make Up by Nina Dumpa
Model: Melanie Angeles @ Cal Carries Model International
Fashion: Puey Quinones. Shoes by SOULE PHENOMENON.

I loved this shoot! we did this in one of the streets in Makati near the Redlight District. I will post more photos as soon as i get them.

Surface ASIA Magazine is available in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.



  1. Stunning work :) Philippines dominating Surface !! :)

  2. yes! i loved your shoot with Kermit Tesoro's feature too! see you soon Mark! :)


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