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Before that...

and even before this

and before all of that (btw photos are courtesy of Benjamin's Facebook and in any case you get the idea right?... he's hot)

I was surprised that i had enough published work for my December 2010 portfolio because i only remember doing a couple of editorials (November and December did pass me by so fast) and I did focus on teaching the Fashion Styling Class for the past months in the Fashion Institute of the Philippines.

It is always a pleasure working with Seven, who incidentally (i dont know if he remembers) did my first ever ever fashion editorial for a magazine. It was our first shoot back in 2009 with the controversial model Sebastian Monroe. It was published in STATEMENT Magazine and was also featured in The Fashionisto. But we never got to release the photos we did in the breakwater (we did 2 different shoots that day) those were the best photos in my portfolio for long while.

It was really nice working with Benjamin and Bruna, both were really approachable and easy to work it. Benjamin and i even talked about his Phillip Lim show back in New York (briefly). I got a chance to work with Bruna again for the PR Campaign of RSSI for TRUCCO.

Anyhoo here is my Benjamin Tang experience... or rather the photos from the shoot we did for Lifestyle Asia Travel - Travel in Style section which i had the opportunity of doing for the past 2 issues. (Thanks MEGA and Lifestyle Asia Travel)

there are actually more layouts for this but i havent had the chance to scan or get the copies from Lawrence (Lawrence Mistades the new graphic artist of LAT).

Lifestyle Asia Travel
Volume 6 Dec-Jan 2010
Travel in Style
Photographed by Seven Barretto
Styling by Ryuji Shiomitsu
Make Up by Grace Deang
Hai by Yrynn Lopez
Models: Benjamin Tang and Bruna Barcelos @Reco Modelling Agency
Illustrations by Jaime Cabatit
Sittings Editor: April Cabatit
Assisted by Lawrence Mistades


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