COVER - MEGA January 2011

Im so over Chanel Iman, but this cover is gorgeous (not that Chanel is in it) but ditto me... Melai Cantiveros does sorta-kinda-almost-looks like Chanel here right? What a great way to start the year! Congrats MEGA!

i wonder who's in the cover of PREVIEW? lets just all wait and see. Cover Wars! lol

Photo Credit (photo from Suki Salvador)

MEGA January 2011
Photographed by Xander Angeles
Art Direction by Suki Salvador
Styling by Teej Nepomuceno
Make Up by Bobby Carlos
Hair by Bren Sales
Sittings Editors: Carla Casanova-Perlas (Text), Kim Reyes (Beauty) and Angela Alarcon (Fashion)
Shoot Assistant: Ning Hilario and Sarah Santiago



  1. i so love this talaga!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 i know the preview cover girl but ima keep my mouth shut! ;p

  2. me too!!! infair to Melai she looks amazing! OM i wonder who she is!?! see you tomorrow fabgelous at the facehunter event! :)

  3. this is amazing. i love the co0ver :)


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