I was just passing by SM North EDSA to meet up a friend in The Block (the other side of the Mall) when we decided to go to National Bookstore just to check new magazines. Voila! right in front me SPARKLING: Life In KPOP Color November 2010 with 2PM (korean boy band) on the cover. I found it weird in a good way because; First i never saw a cover like that here (an actual working cover); second there are no Korean/Japanese magazines here in the Philippines that i know of; third i never saw anything like it (LIFE IN KPOP COLOR); fourth that the issue is NEW! and lastly that its LOCAL! So i immediately bought it. Incidentally it was a double cover (4 Minute) and a special collectors edition.

Here are the two covers

So why do i love the magazine?

1. My friends are in it! lol Check out Eldzs Mejia, Mary Dizon, Ziggy Savella, Cheska Nolasco (i havent met her but she's friends with Eldzs, Ziggy and BJ) Jobel Gomez on the STREET BEAT Page and Pauline Camille on the Opposite Page

2. Anything that features Jang Geun Suk, Lee Min Ho and BIGBANG (especially GDragon)! Im all yours!

the Managing Editor of Sparkling Eunice Lucero even covered the fanmeet of BIGBANG! im green with envy! lol

OM GDragon! i love GDragon!

3. Photographer BJ Pascual did an editorial inside with Jessica Yang entitled Animal Instincts styled by Cindy Go.

4. They actually recommended the one thing i have been looking for since my addiction to Boys Over Flowers, et.al.! a website that sells original DVD sets of Japanese/Korean series, Original Soundtracks, Merchandise, and more! this one i really appreciated! For more visit Fan Girl Asia

Im seriously getting the BOX SET of You're Beautiful! Christmas Gift to me? anyone? lol

and lastly

5. its just 150PHP! if you just started to like JPOP/JPOP/or anything in between. This will surely be a good guide!

OK you guys just need to check it out.
Now ill go back figuring out how to order the DVD Box Set of You're Beautiful!



  1. ooh cant wait to see this! thanks for posting! will check this out!! :-))))

  2. so happy i bought it! its a fun read. no prob! thank edrick! :)


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