Fantastico! Stupire! Brilliante! Prada! ♥

PRADA never ceases to amaze us fashion stylists, fashion-philes and designers alike. Miuccia Prada had always pushed the bounderies of concept and design. Thus making her brand one of the strongest, if not the BEST fashion house in the world.

I adore Prada! I especially love the mix of intellectual, high-concept, wearable fashion mixed with all the PRADA-isms Miuccia herself instituted. I think everyone would agree that we all wait for her shows, or wait for the update on STYLE.com, or the updates on all the established fashion blogs. As many people say with her shows, its either you love it or you hate it. Either way, her collections are always talked about, discussed and referred to.

It is one of my foremost fashion dreams to work for Mrs. Prada. She is Fantastico! Stupire! Brilliante!

Now here is the video of the Fall Winter 2010 Collection.

The PRADA Fantasy Motionbook 2010

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