Things I Need to Have # 4 - SANTIGOLD X VANS Sneakers

i love Santi White aka Santigold.

If youve been living under a rock and just came back out, her album SANTOGOLD is a definite must listen! Songs like Creator, Say Aha, Lights Out, L.E.S Artistes, and my favorite You'll Find a Way are just some of the amazing tracks from her 2008 album. As diverse as her music, she is now venturing into a new collaboration with VANS

The Santigold Sneakers feature perforated full-grain leather, fauz gold chains, and a custom removable SG gold pin created by Jules Kim of Bijules. Here is the Santigold X VANS colloboration sneakers (Photo courtesy of Refinery29)

love it

For more visit the VANS PH Facebook page.


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