Holy Mother Father.

Tonight, BIGBANG's 4th mini album, will be released a day before the BIGBANG Super Show 2011 25-27th. It is rumored that after the BIGBANG Concert and a few promotions for the mini album that they'll be releasing their 5th full length album (3rd Korean full length album)!!!

It seems 2011 is BIGBANG year! Im so glad i already have my 5 BIGBANG x Uniqlo collboration tees!

GD and I are both blonde now! I think he needs to go back to the colorist. Its still a little on the orange side. 30 more minutes under bleach blonde would do it.

Is it just me or that Daesung looks really realy really good in the photos? not that he doesnt. I love his hair!

Why cant February 24 come any sooner!?!?


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