Fashion Blog # 2: Things You Might Want To Have

To my girl friends and adventurous gay friends, here are ten ways to upgrade your wardrobe. I always say start trends and copy them correctly. Dont rely on what local celebrities wear before you appreciate something thats already appreciated by others. I said local, not international... ok :)

Be your own guide. Make things work for you. Research. Choose for yourself!
Remember these are inspiration pieces for you to find substitutes in trimmed down boutiques. If you can afford spending a couple of school terms worth of tuition for a single minuscle of merchandise then go for it lol

1. Something Faux
I have learned my lesson. les't not appreciate Fur or anything that gets poor animals killed. So in the sense of going green many designers made use of faux everything. May it be animal prints, faux leather but unfortunately not much faux fur. From Hermes to Roland Mouret, according to style.com no one did it better than Stella McCartney. Would you believe that this Cupro Jacket is animal free?

2. Thigh High Boots

Though not applicable for our wonderful bipolar philippine climate. It is still very sexy. From Rodarte, Stella McCartney to Prada it coasted everywhere in the past Fall 2009 collections

3. Sex Sex Sex. Talk about sexy.

Talk about subcontext influence. Sex Appeal never looked so good. Prada's with the Country-Side Chic and Yves Saint Laurent's Helmut Newton Photograph influence. Sex never seemed to be so subversive.

4. Oversized Shorts

I predicted right! i love the redeeming collection of Hannah MacGibbon for Chloe! It is Casual yet it is super chic. I note that it is Pale and Nude Heaven (which is also the must have since spring 2009.. so wear nudes nudes.. nude shoes most especially flats) I swear from the bottom of my heart if i were a girl id wear everything from Chloe's Fall 2009 Collection. From the big blanket coats, high-waisted fluid pants, wrapped belts and many many more i love it... you guys might love it too!

spot the last photo. gladiators mixed with flat shoes :) love.

5. Strong Shouldered Jacket

Let us all bow down to Christophe Decarnin of Balmain!!! :) He brought back the sexy-rock-chic-disco-fever-eighties even before other designers make it look like road kill. All i can say is if youre extremely lucky enough to own Balmain from spring 2008 to spring 2009 then i salute you! From last season's 'Tennis Ball' shoulders it turned into peak sleeved blazers. Balmain made it all happen :)

6. Is One Sleeve Better than Two?

Do you want to look like you runied your outfit? or you forgot that one of the sleeves of your dress mysteriously disappeared? or youre just plain bullocks that you bought a one sleeve dress... i cant get enough of this one sleeve trend. It is silly! lol... It is silly but not with Chloe, Henry Holland, Akris, Givenchy, Michael Kors, Vivienne Westwood, Gucci, Jil Sander and more

7. Leather Jacket

Channel Kate Moss, Kristen Stuart, Taylor Momsen, Lauren Conrad and many more young celebs by obtaining the much coveted shunken cropped leather jacket! join the gang and make evey chic thing happen! :) a great example would be from Andreas Melbostad of Phi RTW Fall 2009.

8. Something Drapped

Yes im talking about another grecian drappery dress... but now my attention is all about the drapped clutch bag from Viktor and Rolf! :)

9. Color

Hey we live in a tropical country thank you very much! I believe that most filipinos look good in color... so there you go. No explanation needed. The Hot Pink number is from Christian Dior RTW Fall 2009 Collection.

10. Something you wouldnt normally wear

If you cant afford to have couture tailored for you stuff then try to buy things that you wouldnt normally wear. Be adventurous! Ask a friend designer to make something or you! *wink* i am winking at you hahaha... check out Comme des Garcons and John Galliano RTW Fall 2009

btw Orange is the color and pairing something Short with something Long are some of the great upcoming trends for Guys... haha

Credit to http://www.style.com/ for the trimmed down trend report and photos.

I had nothing to do. Just wanted to share :) XOXO

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