GOLD DOT 'Automaton' Holiday 2011 Collection

I dislike the use of the word EDGY especially if its describing a fashion brand. Ever since the inception of GAGA and other otherworldly pop stars the word had been thrown in and out of proportions. I had always connotated the word with something that is postpositive (Tensity, Anxiousness and Nervousness) qualities of which a fledgling fashion brand should never have. I would rather prefer the use of words such as Provocative, Innovative and Forward. Such play on words can mean so much more.

'Toujour avoir une longueur d'avance' should be the underlying motto of every local independent fledgling fashion brand here in the Philippines. Brands like GOLD DOT (as you can see in this entry their fantastic HOLIDAY 2011 Lookbook featuring top model Ria Bolivar photographed by Edrick Bruel) OS, Paradigm Shift, Bosquejo, Proud Race, Miadore, Soule Phenomenon,... and the list goes on, lest not forget the young and talented group of fashion designers should always and forever strive to be ONE STEP OR AT LEAST TWO STEPS AHEAD OF THE CURVE. One way or another the eyes of the international fashion market might just look this way and see that our mainstream, designer and independent brands are as competitive and as brilliant as theirs.

I could see it! They could make it international! Its as clear as the clear plastic pieces on this lookbook!


Holiday 2011 Collection

Photographed by Edrick Bruel
Styling by Mike Magallanes
Hair and Makeup by Janelle Duazo and Karl Leuterio
Model: Ria Bolivar
Special Thanks to
Nica Duazo, Thysz Estrada and Christian Go

Thank you Aly and Karl for sharing the amazing Gold Dot /Lookbook PR photos! Congrats to the team! The amazing lookbook matches the fantastic couture shoes! I loved it!

I cant wait for the menswear version of this collection!

Visit their website for more info on the fabulous shoes!


  1. ang strong ng writing power mother. will talk to ally about the men's line ahah let's see =p

  2. thank you karl! yes go push pak bet! xo


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