BIGBANG x Dazed & Confused JUNE 2011

For sure (if you've been reading my post for the past year) I've already established my fanatic love for BIGBANG. That love has been multiplied many times! Just the fact that they all look great and also that they dress amazingly well (Thanks largely in part to my G-Dragon )

So anyway to add on the fandom. They recently shot 5 amazing covers for Dazed & Confused KOREA! Photographed by the amazing Kim Joong Man. They conceptualized 5 amazing covers for the members that aimed to show the different sides of the super group. I seriously cannot wait to check the full editorial inside!

Here are the covers! love it!




I especially love Daesung's and TOP's cover!



Now my dilemma... How could i buy Dazed & Confused KOREA with the 5 different covers?!?!

Special thanks to ALLKPOP for the photos!


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